SF Bay Psychiatry

Psychotherapy and Medication Management

We offer responsible, evidence-based care for the mental health needs of you or your loved ones.

Our initial evaluation is performed over 2 sessions for Adults and 4 sessions for youths.  Doing so allows me the opportunity to touch base with your other providers or family members to gather all the information you feel is relevant to your story.  In the final session we will work together to decide on a treatment plan and move forward.

If we decide that psychotherapy is the best indicated care we will talk about which modality is best indicated for you.  We offer Psychodynamic Psychotherapies (Play Therapy and traditional talk therapy)  as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapies or CBT (Behavior Modification Therapy, Exposure Response Prevention, and standard CBT).  

In the event that Medication Management is indicated we will talk about the evidence-based options that exist for you.  We will provide you with information on the risks, benefits, and alternatives to any options for your treatment.  Our goal is to put you in a position to feel confident in your decision to try medication or not to do so.

In the end we will work together to find a treatment plan that excites and motivates you to move forward.