SF Bay Psychiatry

Professional Development and Success Management

I offer a unique approach to maximizing your professional potential.  Targeted at highly-motivated individuals with aspirations for success, the work we will do together can put you in a place to succeed more than you have ever before.  

Our process begins with a thorough assessment that will allow us to come together in understanding where you are now, where you have been, and how to get you where you want to be.  We will use this information to develop a plan on how to work toward making your goals a reality.  

My approach to Professional Development and Success Management draws on my background as a psychotherapist to provide a highly personalized plan and analysis of your path to success.  Borrowing techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapies we will examine how your actions may be influenced by patterns of thoughts or emotions to promote or hinder your success.  Keeping with my training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, we will also explore the "Why" of how you came to be the person you are today.  Finally, we will use Mindfulness techniques to promote the skill-building that will allow you to take control of your thoughts and focus them into an engine of success.

Together we will make success your way of life.