SF Bay Psychiatry

Athletic Performance Improvement

It has been called "The Mental Edge" and "The Inner Game".  It is behind Michael Jordan's competiveness, Kobe Bryant's work ethic, and any interview with Muhammad Ali or Arnold Schwarzenegger in their prime.  It's proof is hidden in sports journalism everyday when we read about an athlete who is "In the Zone" or is known for their Drive, Heart, Dedication, or a High Motor.  It is also what has driven any athlete who achieved a goal they never thought possible.  All of these people have learned to use their mind as a tool to unlock their maximum ability.

From elite athletes to weekend warriors, we want to help you take your game to the next level.  Our process starts with a thorough assessment of your history as an athlete and as a person.  We will discuss your goals, your progress, and what is between you and success.  Using techniques modeled after Cognitive Behavioral Therapy we will work together to understand the patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and actions that you bring to each performance.  We will utilize a Psychodynamic Psychotherapy approach to examine why these patterns may have come to be, making you the person and the athlete you are.  Finally, through Mindfulness techniques we will practice the skills that will train you to use your mind as your strongest muscle.  

I look forward to helping you transform into the athlete you know you can be.